Our Journey

21st Century Group of Hospitals is the dream of Dr. Purnima Nadkarni and Dr. Kishore Nadkarni, pioneers in the field of IVF in India since the last 20 years. Both are Gold Medalist scholars from KEM Hospital, Mumbai and settled in Killa Pardi since the last 30 years.

The Surat centre was inaugurated in 2007 and is headed by Dr. Pooja Nadkarni Singh, an exceptional scholar who passed her MD from B J Medical College, Ahmedabad. In a short span of 7 years in Surat she has become one of the most successful young IVF specialists in the country. Trained in IVF and endoscopy in Germany and England, her personalised approach to the patient and passion for results has made this centre one of the largest and most successful centres in Western India. Her open minded and adaptive nature towards new technologies and ethical approach has improved our success rates dramatically in the last 7 years. She holds the record of delivering 13 IVF babies on 12/12/2012.

Dr. Kishore Nadkarni is Male Infertility Specialist and Andrologist, who specialises in not only male infertility but also sexual problems of the couples like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and other psychosexual disorders.

The IVF LAB is headed by Dr. Prabhakar Singh who has a Masters degree in Embryology from University Of Leeds. His dedicated and scientific approach has done wonders to the pregnancy rates in the centre. Having a full time embryologist is a key to maintaining high standards of practice in the IVF lab.

Dr. Akshay Nadkarni is the Laparoscopic and Onco surgeon performing fertility enhancing surgeries in the centre. He is trained from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai for 1 year Post MS.

The consultants are supported by key staff like Dr Bhavin Lashkari, our full time Anesthetist and Intensivist Dr Reshma Soni,our full-time pediatrician and Neonatologist. Along with that the Nursing staff, assistant doctors and Front desk will make you experience at 21st Century Hospitals a comfortable and memorable one.


Our Values

  • Caring Personalized Service
  • Patient Education Counselling 
  • Emotional Support
  • Trust
  • Affordability
  • Professionalism & Ethical Practice
  • Continuing Research & Medical Education
  • Individuality and Integrity
  • Reliability


Our Safety

Precautions taken at our testtube baby centre

  • All patients attending our clinic are tested for HIV, Australia Antigen & VORL
  • For donor insemination, only frozen quarantined sperms tested as above are used
  • Highest level of Asepsis and safety used in all lab procedures
  • All the lab ware used is disposable


Cost Concerns

  • ART treatment is hi-tech and equipment based and hence expensive. Hormonal injections are costly
  • We offer cost effective packages and we have several alternatives for treatment of failures
  • It is the cost per pregnancy that is important and we try to ensure that each patient ultimately leaves our clinic with a baby within a reasonable budget
  • Our Nadkarni Medical Foundation gives free hormone injections to poor patients in our low cost ICSI program


Our Track Record

In the last 7 years, the Surat centre has investigated & treated thousands of patients. We have had over 3500 ICSI pregnancies & nearly 2000 lUI pregnancies.

Our successes include:

  • ICSI pregnancies resulting from TESA/ PESA sperms in case of azospermics
  • Several menopausal pregnancies from ovum donation
  • Surrogate mothers who have carried embryos of patients delivering healthy children
  • Rare case of testicular feminization (Swyers syndrome) who become pregnant
  • A rare case of Meyer Rokitansky syndrome with absent uterus where the patient’s mother acted as a surrogate successfully
  • Successful embryo reduction done for triplets & quadruplets
  • Frozen embryo transfer pregnancies


All these impossible miraculous cases has left us with a self belief that if patients persist with treatment eventually pregnancy will result. One should never, never, never give-up.