Dr. Ashish Kashinath Jalak
e. ashish.jalak@gmail.com

Nadkarni Hospital is ‘MACCA’ for all who wants to succeed in their Gynac practise & keen to look for satisfied, healthy, pure life. Madam & Sir are Amitabh & Jaya for all Gynac fraternity, are inspiring for me (Guys like me who look to settle in small town like Baramati). Madam & Sir have created empire by their hardships, ever fighting attitude by spending 30 years it is real one of noteworthy this to all people to look how empires are created. But as we know “Rome was not built in a day”. Foundation of spiritual base is key to their success in a addition to their knowledge. This foundation they have forwarded to their children. Dr. Pooja & Dr. Prabhakar, Dr. Akshay & Dr. Aditi will truly carry their legacy to hewer heights.

I hope Nadkarni’s 21st Century will become “Bourne Hall” of India and I will be the happiest student at that time.

Thank you all supporting staff of hospital.

Thank you. You are truly great team.

Salute to Sir & Madam,
Salute to their vision..!
Salute to their ambition..!!

सर के लिए यह पंक्ति सही साबित होती है…
“सपना देखो, क्योंकि सपने अकसर साबित होते है.

See the dreams, chase the dreams, dreams will become reality.

Thank you.

Dr. Megha Mathur
e. meghamathur.08@gmail.com

I have come to Killa Pardi for 4 weeks fellowship in ART. I don’t know much about ART before pursuing this fellowship. But today I have learn a lot about ART, Ultrasound, Infertility, Hysteroscopy. Thanks to Dr. Purnima Maa’m for her excellent teaching skills. The way she work up her patients, her management & above all the ease which an infertile couple need the most is amazing & inspiring.

Dr. Kishore Sir & Madam have taught us the skills, the little tips which a clinician should follow and how to do ethical practice.

Hands on pickups have been a great experience which I think is a rare opportunity at any other Infertility Training Centre. Andrology & hands on semen preparation all of great help.

The whole team of Nadkarni Hospital is dedicated, passionate about their work & excellent clinicians.

Madam & Sir have also taught me that add life to your work, make your work atmosphere lively-it give boost to you and your patients.

Maa’m you are now a role model for me. I hope one day I will be at least 50% like you. You have a lovely family.

This is the best place to get training for ART with excellent lectures & classes and hands on experience. I will recommend all my friends to get training from Nadkarni Hospital.

I want to thank all the staff for their support.

Hope you conquer the world & be world renowned.

Dr. Pratibha Bhukya
e. drpratibhag15@gmail.com

I came here for 4 weeks training in ART. It was really good. I have been benefited a lot. Both Dr. Purnima & Dr. Kishore were good at teaching. They were round the clock for explaining & clearing our small small doubts.

When I came here, I don’t even know basics in infertility but today when I am learning I feel very good and confident that after going I can start up my own ART practice.

I have been to other Infertility centres earlier also for training but no institute is as good as Nadkarni Institute. It is a well-organized institute with good and expert faculty who are very good at teaching. We even got hands on training in Ovum Pickups, Hysteroscopy and Ultrasound where no other centre in India provides such an excellent hands on training.

I am happy that I have chosen this institute for training and I will defenately recommend this institute to other colleague also.

Maa’m, Sir, Dr. Aditi, Dr. Jigna, Dr. Akshay & all other staff, you have been like a family to me.

I am really thankful to you.

Dr. T. Chitra
e. drchitra@yahoo.com

I am very fortunate to be in this Nadkarni Hospital for “Advanced Infertility & ART” program i.e. Fellowship Program, because the amount of knowledge gained regarding Infertility is MARVELOUS….

The classes taken by Dr. Kishore Sir & Dr. Purnima Maa’m are awesome…starting form basics of infertility, then step by step understanding advanced Infertility. They create such a interest in us to learn more, understand better, apply the knowledge properly.

Their teaching is never-ending, so enthusiasm that even after a busy OPD or OT, they are always there to teach us to make us a better person & best IVF specialist.

I think “Nadkarni Hospital” is the only institute which gives “Hands-On” training to delegate in “Ovum Pick Up”, Sonography & Hysteroscopy. All was fortunate to have some Hands On Training also in Embryo Loading, Semen Analysis & Semen Preparation for IUI.

The workshop on “IUI” concluded by Cryocell Pvt. Ltd. was very informative & practical & useful.

Both Sir & Madam especially Purnima Maa’m has inspired me not only professionally but personally also. Her spirituality, dedication, determination, responsibility, her fitness freak, joyful attitude, fearless approachable etc etc….list goes on….. All these features of her’s has inspired me a lot.

Yeah…I will always remember our Party @ Farm House. It was too much fun with lot of food and entertainment. Wow !! The songs by Dr. Aditi & duet songs by “Sir & Madam” memorable. I will never forget song i.e. Kannada song by Dr. Akshay…especially song for me. Thank you Sir & Madam for a such wonderful & memorable evening..i.e. 20.05.2014.

I wish Maa’m…you open lot of “Nadkarni Hospital” branches all over India..if in South then surely I’ll take over. Hoping to conduct CME & invite you all to my place.

Specially thanks to Dr. Aditi, Dr. Jigna for their guidance.

Dr. Pranita Darde
e. pranita.darade@gmail.com

The gains of this fellowship training at Nadkarni Hospital-I should put them pointwise & each point is an empowerment.

The program is so very well arranged that from basics to advanced technologies are covered.

Sir (Dr. Kishore Nadkarni) is an excellent teacher, I guess whose one of the passion is “teaching”. We get never boared with the lectures as they are all taken according to our pace & everyone tries to make you understand the topic well.

Madam (Dr. Purnima Nadkarni) has a very good skill to teach us the practically & applicability of the knowledge.

The course is filled with excellent lectures and presentation and they really don’t bore as they are taken by such dynamic personalities.

The hands-on training in Ovum Pickups, Hysteroscopies, laparoscopies, Embryo Loading, Semen Preparations, Semen Analysis is impressive.

As Sir & Madam are both fitness freaks. They try to inculcate those good habits in us too. Daily exercise is the motto. The best of all was “Hills Climbing”.

I am all amazed to see their enthusiasm at this also for all these health activities.

The whole Nadkarni Family is the singer family and we could enjoy a lots with the musical program by them. Especially “Dr. Aditi”…..”Koyal she is” & a very charming personality and fascinating one. I would definitely want some more occasions to meet & be with her.

The best was our Farm House party where we cooked together, are together, sang and listened to music together, dance together & enjoyed a lots. Here we could realize about Dr. Akshay, how helpful, cheerful & charming person he is.

Madam & Sir have taught us by their own routine behavior about the family values and relation values. Of course the friends met here-the other delegates have also formed the strong friendly relations. All the doctors working here especially Dr. Jigna, Dr. Nehal, Priyanka etc also helped us a lot in all throughout. The whole staff including Heenamaa’m, Genius, (Dr) Shankar & all OPD staff also are very caring & loving. Really after this 4 weeks program, I have also become a member of Nadkarni Family & I am so happy about it. First time I have seen that the person reaches the maximum heights in career and still he/she is approachable to common one. The ideal example is Sir & Madam.

Definitely I am going to recommend this lively workshop to all my friends saying that..


Dr. Shilpa Bomnale
e. shilpasolapure@yahoo.com

I am extremely happy that I got an opportunity to come to this hospital.

This hospital has every best aspect of educational opportunities, like best IVF Lab, Best Infertility Training, Lalaroscopy Training, USG Training and best lectures given by Sir & Madam.

Sir and Madam and Dr. Aditi, Dr. Akshay, Dr. Jigna, Dr. Monica, Priyanka everybody is an excellent teacher and gives the best of them to teach all the trainees.

Hospital environment is very healthy as all the hospital staff is very co-operative and competent. Dr. Purnima & Dr. Kishore Sir treat everybody as like a family member.

Being in this hospital is a golden chance to learn educational, family, health & communication values. I am very glad that I choose really the best training centre for training & I got my idols (Dr. Purnima & Dr. Kishore) here.

Special thanks to Ms. Heenaben for her support, Mahesh Uncle for the testiest food ever.

Lots & lots of love to all members of Nadkarni Hospital.