Fast Infertility Diagnosis & Treatment

21st Century IVF Centre has streamlined the process for diagnosing infertility to help couples better understand their condition and the best treatment options.
In general, our tests reveal the source of the problem within a few weeks.

Each of these tests can be performed quickly, by appointment, at our IVF Centre.

Our standard tests for diagnosing infertility include the following:

  • Cycle day 3 blood tests for the female partner.
  • Cycle day three blood tests are performed on the third day of the female’s menstrual cycle. This allows us to analyze the hormones that affect female fertility.
  • Evaluation of the uterine cavity (HSG) on the female partner.
  • The evaluation of the uterine cavity allows us to identify any possible uterine or tubal problems. 
  • Semen analysis for the male partner.
  • The semen analysis indicates whether or not male factor infertility is playing a role in the couple’s infertility.